Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lazy Ox

Friday night I tried Lazy Ox, a new restaurant in Little Tokyo. I enjoyed Pig Ears, Sheep neck, Mussels, and more. The restaurant is unique in that it's philosophy is food and wine should not be intimidating. Though I mentioned more unusual dishes, this tapas style restaurant offers traditional fare too. The small plate motif allows you to try many dishes! I enjoyed two wines during this feast. Prior to dinner and with our appetizers, I was sipping pinot noir saintsbury gamet from 2008. This wine is fuller bodied and very fruit forward. We paid $13 for a glass and I believe the restaurant charges $40 for the bottle. As we enjoyed more food, we decided to go for a lighter wine. We then drank sangiovese rubicone from 2008. This wine was $27 and was a perfect complement to the meat ragu pasta we were indulging in.

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  1. The wine sounds great, but I am not sure about the food you mentioned!