Monday, April 19, 2010

The Story

Back in the summer of 2009, a couple of Venice girlfriends decided to start a wine club, which they named the Westside Wine Club ("WWC"), as all the members live in the westside of Los Angeles. Once a month, the club gets together at a girl's house, with the location rotating every month. The host chooses the theme and prepares food for the group, and each girl brings a bottle of wine in accordance with the theme. Then, they all get together for an entertaining evening of wine, food, and conversation. Previous hosts and themes:

August 2009: Dee Dee's house, ? theme
September 2009: Sunny's house, wines with a funny name
October 2009: Karina's house, favorite wines from around the world, paired with food from the same countries
November 2009: Jen's house, spanish tapas
December 2009: Erica's house, blind red wine tastings
January 2010: Colleen's house, french bistro theme
February 2010: Karina's house, surprise birthday party!
March 2010: Jen's house, spa theme - organic / biodynamic wines paired with healthy food
April 2010: Santa Barbara wine tasting trip

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